Voices of Health Competition

Research / Strategy / Design / Production

The Back Story

Aetna's Community Activation & Local Marketing team came to us with a mission – to build a connection in underserved communities by making a positive impact. The approach – empower the people who know these communities best. The unsung heroes at local non-profits, already hard at work in our communities. Call it a passion project, call it a labor of love... we call it one of our favorites.

The Aetna Voices of Health Competition

The competition idea was simple: let each non-profit tell their own story, in their own voice… on a big stage.

We gave them a platform on, where visitors could watch agency videos, read more about their missions and vote for their favorites every day. After five weeks, we awarded grants to the top two agencies with the most votes.

Watch the video below for the full story.

Project Strategy

We worked with the client to help develop the overarching plan, including: messaging, design, technology and process (initial rollout through final award delivery)

Support and Training

We acted as technical advisors for the competition and training instructors in on-boarding webinars for the non-profit agencies

Content Curation

We developed a digital content collection, review and client approval process to streamline the flow of content from 102 non-profit agencies through multiple Aetna client teams including legal & compliance

Design & Development

Front- and back-end design & development for all program components (multiple sites / digital collateral). We also developed a pilot program for SMS text-to-vote integration


We built a custom dashboard for viewing competition analytics at a glance – allowing the client to make adjustments to campaign components mid-stream

Vote Auditing

We worked closely with the Aetna legal team to help ensure the votes were audited securely and fairly in the final tally

Doing good is just good business.

With the Voices of Health project, Aetna identified a powerful brand-building niche – establishing a rich and positive connection through the collective greater good. Multi-layered grassroots projects like these are complex investments that take careful planning to ensure maximum engagement pre, during, and post campaign. Done right, it can plant the seeds for a powerful brand connection.