Transitioning a brand through change

Research / Strategy / Design / Production

The Back Story

Magellan Health was going through a period of great change – restructuring its business lines and completing numerous acquisitions. We were brought in to help kick off a rebranding process and guide the core brand visual components through the transition from both a strategic and design perspective.

A Brand in Flux

Like any fast-growing company, Magellan Health was juggling the consolidation and creation of new business lines and newly acquired companies. This transitional time can present huge challenges for any brand manager with a complex network of internal stakeholders. It can also be the perfect opportunity to evolve a brand and unite a fractured company into a unified, powerful entity. Can you say ‘brand-manager-super-hero’?

Designing the Transition

The engagement began with a foundation of research and strategy, including an internal audit of the exisiting brand/business components, in-depth stakeholder interviews and a competitive analysis. A strategy was carefully crafted around a ‘branded house’ approach. Great attention was given to the acquired companies and a transitional plan was put in place to ensure their brand equity was not lost in the process.

Final Magellan Healthcare logo design
Close up of the letter M from the new logo
Photo of closed sketchbook
Photo of closed sketchbook
Photo of closed sketchbook
Composite of Magellan Healthcare stationary, website, and brand guidelines book


The initial engagement started as a small tweak to the exisiting ‘box’ logo. Pretty quickly, everyone recognized the need to signal larger change.

An Adaptable Process:

Designs went through a rigorous process that we adapted to flow seamlessly with the clients’ stakeholder approval requirements.

Audience Tested:

Designs were put through their paces with a critical testing process that allowed everyone to feel confident the work hit the mark with core audiences.

“With complex organizational and positioning changes unfolding, this assignment was particularly challenging. It underscored the need for a deep understanding of the business today as well as seeing the aspirational vision. The key to hitting the design sweet spot in the middle of a corporate storm?… C’mon, we can’t fit that story here.”
Photo puzzle with the letter 'M' on it