Serving those that serve us

Strategy / Copy / Design / Development / Production

The Back Story

Pettus Creative has long been one of the primary digital partners for the Aetna Federal Team – providing strategy, concept, design and development – during the off-season and through the frenzy of open enrollment (OE). Beyond OE marketing collateral, videos, and advertising campaigns – we also actively work on their main digital hub Having taken them through several brand redesigns and re-architectures, is a central powerhouse in lead generation, plan promotion and member education.

Tools to make life a little easier

Choosing a federal health plan is hard. Layer on spouses with different federal backgrounds, medicare-aged customers, and individual health goals... and you've got a pretty complex decision to make. is designed to make the process a little easier by providing tools like: a simple zipcode plan search, plan comparison resources and frequently asked questions – all carefully written in a language the customer can understand.

Breaking new digital ground

What started as a recent site re-design to reflect the brand's evolution – quickly turned into much more. Working collaboratively with the Federal team, we identified an opportunity to help breathe more life into its pages... and the AetnaFedsLive initiative was born.


Shifting the site into a two-way communicating, qualified-lead-generating powerhouse.

We worked closely with the Federal team to identify opportunities to connect in new 'live' ways. The ‘live’ component of the site takes on two main forms: content & functionality. From the content standpoint, AetnaFedsLive leverages the Federal team members, pulling them out of the ‘big insurance world’ and introducing them as real people, ready to help you with your real needs (a market first). Humanizing the relationship and building a deeper brand connection. From a functional standpoint, the site provides powerful new ways to interact, including another first-in-market, live-chat feature.

Live text chat

One-on-one appointment scheduling

Live & On-demand webinars

AetnaFedsLive by the numbers
(stats for one annual open enrollment)
Direct engagement with nearly 11.5K members and prospective members
Over 7,000 total chats with an average chat time of 10 minutes
Nearly 700 one-on-one appointments scheduled
Over 112 live and 181 On-Demand webinars
Role and project details

Site Strategy

Planning: content, sales & marketing integration.

Design & Development

Custom site front- and back-end design and development. More tools are on their way.

Richer content

Video development (script though final production) including capturing in-the-field testimonials and team content.

Live Chat integration

LivePerson third-party chat integration. Includes custom development.

Appointment Scheduling

One-on-one and webinar appointment scheduling through TimeTrade integration.

Site maintenance & A11Y

The site is regularly maintained throughout the year as plans, rates, and documents are updated.