Video explainer series

Copy / Design / 2D & 3D Animation / Production

The Back Story

Ask just about anyone about their business and they’ll most likely tell you, it’s complex. As communication around complex products, services, processes and audiences becomes more transparent – great companies will embrace the complexity. Knowing that when communicated the right way, ‘complex’ educates and empowers consumers – strengthening brand loyalty. SAG-AFTRA recognized their challenge and came to us to help unravel and explain their complex topic.

A Fresh Perspective

SAG-AFTRA brought us in early in the scripting phase for a fresh perspective. Working closely as a team we able to help identify some key alterations to visual approaches which more-clearly communicated the abstract concepts in the video. BTW... got a question about commercial contracts and talent agreements – we’ve probably got the answer.

Design & Animation

Design followed an iterative process to ensure the team remained aligned from concept through final execution. Initial look dev and storyboards brought the script to life. From a technical standpoint, the team structured the 2D/3D workflow for fast, flexible changes – allowing for creative evolution with minimal budget impact.

Script review & storyboards

We worked with the SAG team to review and provide initial script feedback and recommended refinements. A rigorous storyboard process was used to iron out the visual components and test concepts. Starting with low-fi, thumbnail sketches allowed for quick concept iteration and ensured everyone on the team shared the same vision early in the project.

Look development

Working with the existing brand guidelines as a guidepost, we explored and developed a complementary illustration style. The client wanted a style/character with minimal features and detail, that didn’t feel 'cartoony'. The result of the design phase was a modern fresh feel and room to evolve in future iterations.

2D/3D animation

A decision was made early on to build out all the character components in 3D. Along with the right control and rigs for this project – this pipeline allowed for flexibility later on with characters, cameras and sets. And with minimal lighting/shading we knew render times would be a dream. Motion graphics, icons, and illustrations were used to help bring the abstract concepts to life.