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The Back Story

Pine-Sol came to us with a unique challenge: How do you deliver a complex set of brand guidelines and assets in a quick, easy-to-use digital format for a diverse user base ranging from agency partners, to social media writers, to television production crews?

The Approach

Working in conjunction with the Pine-Sol team, we began with a full audit and understanding of the current state of brand communications. Background research included a guidelines assessment and a process to segment the user base into clear audience groups.

The re-imagined brand guidelines hub is a powerful tool that allows internal employees and vendors to get up to speed on the brand quickly and easily access brand assets. This helps reduce the burden on internal brand managers and allows them to focus on the more complicated cases that come up as the brand evolves.

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Guidelines that parallel brand values

We based our solution on the Pine-Sol core brand value of “Everything you need & nothing you don’t.” The solution had to be quick, easy to use (or no one would), and accessible from any device.

With a wide user base, the experience is flexible enough to deliver strategic through tactical brand information and assets. It allows for linear and non-linear navigation, which is perfect for self-serve vendors looking for logos and internal teams giving brand presentations.


The experience currently lives within a corporate site framework but is portable enough to be moved, distributed in multiple locations, or downloaded for offline use.

One Seamless Experience:

All content is delivered in a single environment so there’s no need for users to bounce around to multiple platforms for videos or pdfs. One experience means one place to update and maintain.


Integrated tracking on brand asset urls (logos, images, videos, etc.) allows the team to identify interest or pain points for investigation. 'Boots on the ground insights' = gold.

“The new brand hub allows the internal team to keep its focus on building and growing the brand, as opposed to fielding phone calls about font files and logos.”

All Cleaned Up.

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