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The Back Story

Ami Beach Shadle & Chef Mark Shadle came to us with an amazing opportunity to join them on their journey to bring sustainable, plant-based living to the masses. Award-winning food and products that make you feel good and respect the earth from seed to table? Count us in!

It's all about the ‘G.'

The G-Universe is currently made up of three core sub-brands. The G-Monkey food truck that burst onto the scene and has been named one of the top 5 food trucks in America. The G-Zen restaurant that regularly finds itself on top ten lists. And, the G-Glo line of juices, detoxifying elixirs that Ami can't keep on the shelf. (No, really, there's literally an empty shelf -- it's that awesome.) There's also always something new brewing in the G-Universe. The latest product to drop is a scorching hot new line of hand-poured oil scents.

The mystery behind the “G” is the power of Green. It's a deep belief and way of life that emanates from its two charismatic founders. It's this authentic core that allows the brand to morph and reveal itself in exciting and surprising new ways.

G-Monkey logo on the left. Photos of G-Monkey food truck and Chef Mark Shadle and Ami Beach Shadle
Photos of G-Monkey food truck


The G-Monkey food truck was the first G-Universe brand to hit the streets. Working closely with the client, we knew it couldn't be a soft and subtle launch. It needed to have serious personality, playfulness, confidence and style, yet be likable to all audiences from skateboarders to corporate America- from children to hip yoga moms - from the inner city to the suburbs. Tapping into the client's snow/skate style roots and looking to create a friendly, memorable iconic brand - the monkey was born. Why a monkey? You're gonna have to join us for a bite at the truck for the whole story.
“What started as a food truck concept quickly spread like wildfire, and we found ourselves wanting to plant roots in a brick and mortar fixed location. The “G” brand needed to maintain its core beliefs, but yet evolve into a sophisticated cutting edge vibe. The merging of the two ecobrands is what helped our business in becoming a Nationally recognized sustainable business model that is set apart from all other competitors in our market place.”Ami Beach Shadle, Owner
On the left: G-Zen Menu and cocktail. On the right: G-Zen logo over photos of restaurant interior
G-Monkey logo, interior photos of the restaurant and inset of Chef Mark Shadle and Ami Beach Shadle


G-Zen is a sophisticated yet relaxed sanctuary located in the charming shoreline town of Branford, CT. Voted by Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the “Top Ten Upscale Vegan Restaurants in America,” it has become a refuge for many seeking sustainable, organic and vegetarian-friendly food. Along with the identity, we've helped integrate the brand throughout all aspects of the restaurant, from menus to signage to their website. It also happens to be the perfect place to take a hungry client. Just sayin'.


The G-Glo Juice Feast is a series of organic, fresh-pressed, nutrient-dense, crafted-with-care juices to help you cleanse your body. No water, fillers or additives are used -- only 100% organic ingredients that have been extracted with the most effective method for maximum potency. The ‘G' brand has been carefully extended into the new G-Glo identity, packaging and collateral.
G-Glo logo on the left. Close up photo of G-Glo labels on juice jars
G-Glo logo

Peace, love, & juice.

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