Indy hits the big screen in this campaign

Research / Strategy / Design / Production

The Back Story

The Indiegogo film team came to us with the goal of reaching a targeted creator audience – independent filmmakers. The mission: pique their interest and drive them to the Indiegogo site for conversion. We developed a simply-stated campaign that pushes IGG’s passion for film front and center, and pulls their customers into the spotlight.
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After several input and strategy sessions with the Indiegogo marketing team it became very apparent that IGG has a deep love for film. Launched as the first crowdfunding platform (while at the Sundance Film Festival nonetheless) they have a powerful belief that anyone, anywhere should be able to bring their ideas to life.

Ultimately we found a big part of the effort was to capture that passion and highlight the platform successes.

Photo showing film campaign concepts
Photo showing intial campaign concepts during the development process
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Finding the Love

We started by concepting several campaign approaches. From Indiegogo platform education to a time-sensitive, free ebook giveaway – each had a slightly different focus and means of engagement.

We landed on the simplest approach and focused in on ‘Passion’. Leveraging the inherent emotional connection that comes with film, we took the opportunity to (just like the platform) put the sites campaigners and their ‘babies’ in the ad spotlight. And with downloadable film-specific handbooks that give insider tips on everything from pitch videos, building perks, and setting goals – we gave the filmmakers more than lip service.

Campaign theme line: Your film. Our passion.
Schematic showing two films, Life Itself and Wyrmwood
Zombie film bus shelter advertising
Sample screenshots from the film campaign
Photo of iPad showing advertising on the Indiewire website
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“Indiegogo's mission is to empower creators to move quickly from concept to market. We were looking to raise awareness in the creator community and Pettus Creative helped us establish a voice in the marketplace resulting in +30% growth in traffic and 2x improvement in ad engagement.”Marketing@Indiegogo
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